sabato 30 aprile 2011

tante cose nuove...

many new things...

Antique crystal

Double gold chain with pearl leaf brooch

White and gold frame

Silver anchor

Old silver Madonna, hand-painted and key

Pink pastel pearls and baroque pendant

Rigid circle with gold thread and red stones

Rosary with pink glass pearls and silver

Decò pendant, color silver and gold

Silver pendant pyramids and purple stone

Lace of iron pearls 50 years

photos Marc Bordons

martedì 19 aprile 2011

collana argento con ciondolo di Montmartre (cuore e rosa)

Silver necklace with a pendant of Montmartre (heart and rose)

collana ciondolo in ferro decorato e perle

Pendant decorated iron and pearls necklace

collana perle/fiori colorate

Pearl colored / flowers necklace

collana cestino porcellana e rondini dorate

Swallows gold and porcelain basket necklace

collana annaffiatoio e trina fatta a mano

Watering and lace handmade necklace

collana cervi

Deer necklace

collana smalto panna

Rice cream necklace